My 10 favourite films of the year (not the 10 best, my 10 favourite).

10. INTERSTELLER - Beautiful, riveting and emotionally engaging. This is spectacle cinema at its boldest and most beautiful.


9. EDGE OF TOMORROW - Favourite film of the summer, a great action movie with a great balancing of thrills, fun and pitch perfect black comedy


8. SNOWPIERCER - Putting the allegory back in Sci-Fi, Chris Evans is great and Bong Joon-Ho maintains a distictly South Korean feel his first English language film


7. THE LEGO MOVIE - This should not have worked, but it did and it was awesome. Proving with enough creativity you can make a movie out of anything.


6. GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL - One of the best comedic performances of the year, intricatly constructed and always fun.


5. PADDINGTON - One of the most charming things I've ever watched.


4. HILLSBOROUGH - Okay it was a TV doc on ESPN but I don't care, it's my list and nothing in cinemas moved me as much as this film


3. BIRDMAN - A technical materpiece that never lost sight of character and never fell into the trap of being a hollow exercise


2. NIGHTCRAWLER - Briliant dark satire with the performance of the year


1. THE DOUBLE - I loved this movie, I got lost in the visuals while loving the dark comedy in amongst all the strange angst and off-beat production design