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Had fun last January going through the previous year and selecting the images I was most proud of. So I decided to make it an annual thing. I actually shot a lot less in 2018 but still came out with some awesome images and worked with some great people.

Look forward to exploring some new ideas in 2019:


Adam 3.png

red ADAM


This was definitely a year for experimenting with colour. I like the moody feel you can get from a solid single colour and especially one as intense as red. It drains the image of all other hues and becomes a bit like shooting in black and white.


Danielle 5.png

Little Drummer Girl

MODEL: Danielle Andress Scott

So Danielle just happened to acquire a drum set so it was inevitable that we had to shoot some photos with it.


Dora 17.png

bleed green

MODEL: Dora Bischof

Playing around with colour channels a lot this year. This one was a particular favourite because the colour bleed feels like it adds to the mood of the image rather then just act as a cute gimmick.


Lynne 1.png

Money to Burn

MODEL: Lynne Jefferies

So I had a whole bunch of fake money hanging around after a music video shoot, so this image seemed like a no-brainer. As a filmmaker dabbling in photography, part of the fun is finding a single image that hints at a wider story.


Zombie Nation Poster.png

Zombie Nation

MODEL: Stevie Creed

This was image that came from a music video shoot. I just had to get a still of it.


Chloe 7.png

Chloe wrapped

MODEL: Chloe Wigmore

I like the expressions in the two images and the way they work together. I think one of the interesting things about shooting actresses as apposed to models is that it can often be easier to get a more candid, less posed look from them. I like the feeling in this image that the subject is involved in their own thought process.


Fran 9.png

BARE back

MODEL: Francesca Grillo

This has a lot of similarities to what I said about the solid colours with the earlier still with Adam. I like too how the blue light works with the blue hair. I also just light the negative space. It’s all about the rule of thirds baby!


 Danielle 6.png

Analogue Phone

MODEL: Danielle Andress Scott

Shooting outside on the Glasgow River front was fun. This was a very spur of the moment idea and sometimes those really do yield the best results.


Lauren 5.2.png


MODEL: Lauren McConville

As I’ve worked on my candid images, I think I’m always interested in people’s interaction with very mundane items. The idea of using a burner as a lighter is very functional. I think there can be something very sexy and engaging about mundane activities.


Chloe 6.png

Dirty Bones

MODEL: Chloe Wigmore

I like the attitude and energy of this image. I like images where the sexually charged quality is undermined by goofy poses or odd faces.


EM 11.png

Bleeding Reflection

MODEL: Eva-Marie Kung

Having fun here with incorporating the colour bleeds into a more narrative image.


Lynne 10.png

Eat the Rich

MODEL: Lynne Jefferies

More work with the fake money. And yes “welth” is deliberately spelled wrong.


Lyssa 6.png

FIFA and Cigarettes

MODEL: Lyssa Noir

I like clutter; I think it’s interesting when spaces look truly lived in.


Sandra 12.png

Quiet (green)

MODEL: Sandra

I think tile is an interesting visual texture and the mould and grime adds a nice texture. I think there’s something weirdly beautiful about mess.


Billie 3.png

restless Pup

MODEL: Billy

Never work with dogs. I love how Billy is completely ignoring the fussy dog. The energy juxtaposition gives her a weirdly powerful look.


Lauren 32.png

Lauren Kills

MODEL: Lauren McConville

I’ve started experimenting with models eyes in post and the slight inhuman look blank eyes give. I always fascinated by images that look slightly off. It’s something I’m planning to experiment more with in 2019


Lynne 27.png

Pussy Grabs Back

MODEL: Lynne Jefferies

Sometimes you’re just gifted with a great image. Lynne had this sign lying about and I love how you can see her armpit hair in the image as well. I just think it adds up to a still with so much attitude.


Motorcycle Image.png

Knight of the Living Dead

MODEL: Alix Austin

This image came from a music video. Thought it was a fun opportunity to shoot something different. I’m not a motorcycle guy but I’m told this is a good one.


Stef 22.png

Mind the Gap

MODEL: Aleria

With candid stills I like the idea that the image could suggest things taking place in wider world outside the photograph. Details become very interesting. This photo was based off a true story a girl told me once about smoking a cigarette and finding a phone number written on her leg from the night before.


Serena 6.png


MODEL: Serena Cowell

A fun little present suddenly becomes a cool photo prop.


Adam 4.png

F*ck it

MODEL: Adam Gillian

I think the pose perfectly captures the sentiment of the writing. One of my best efforts shooting a guy.


Lauren 4.png


MODEL: Lauren McConville

I think there’s always something interesting about balancing strength and sexuality. It’s an interesting way of mixing the traditional masculine with the traditional feminine poses and images.


Alix 1.png

Black Hand Kill

MODEL: Alix Austin

Having fun with black body point and monochrome.


EM 5.png

Blue Mood

MODEL: Eva-Marie Kung

I think something I’d like to get more of into images in 2019 is raw emotion. Even thought the image still fells posed, it’s the beginning of something I’d like to try and do more of.


Danielle 25.png

Vinyl Lover

MODEL: Danielle Andress Scott

Just a case of a really fun concept filled with a lot great visual texture.


Dora 1.png

Heart Dora

MODEL: Dora Bischof

Occasionally I like to add in little weird symbols or graphics. I’m especially interested in messy additions that feel like the photo has been tampered with.


Eve 8.png

Blue Bars

MODEL: Eve Niker

I’ll miss the bared windows in my Finsbury Park flat. They provided such an evocative backdrop.


Lauren 25.png


MODEL: Lauren McConville

An extreme on a bunch of ideas and concepts I’ve been experimenting with. I like the idea that you can only see her eyes in the colour bleed.


Serena 13.png


MODEL: Serena Cowell

I always like having two images next to each other. I always think it’s interesting how they effect the viewer’s perception. This is obviously a very simple one but it was still one of my favourites.



Self-Portrait 1

MODEL: Keir Siewert

This year I tried taking self-portraits for the first time and it’s been a fun new experiment. This was my favourite one. Nothing that complicated, just shooting it in a bathroom mirror. But I do like seeing the camera physically in the image.


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