I created Breaking Point Flix as a banner under which I could attempt to transend the constraints of low-budget filmmaking and create concept based videos for a variety of clients and purposes. I have always been a great fan of music videos and grew up admiring the work of music video "auteurs" like Spike Jonze, Michel Gondry, Jonathan Glazer and Mark Romanek, in addition to filmmakers such as Martin Scorcese, Billy Wilder, David Fincher, John Carpenter and Katheryn Bigelow.


We have reached a point now where music videos are a greater marketing tool then they have ever been previously. With the affordability of high quality equipment combined with social media and internet databases, it is of greater importance to an independent band then ever before to create a good high quality marketing tool. This has however created wide spread laziness, with videos often becoming a succession of pretty images with little purpose or meaning, essentially, a moving slideshow. What Breaking Point Flix seeks to be, is a label that believes in concept and entertainment.


I'm recently finished my first feature Wasteland 26: Six Tales of Generation Y. I also last year won the 48 Hour Film Project Edinburgh with a short, I wrote, shot, edited and co-directed called #conniesflat. This year my film Let's Have a Threesome won the Audience Award and Best Ensamble and my short JC's Honey Trap won the London 48 Hour Film Project. I also completed shooting on a film Jesse Functions, written and directed by myself and shot by Alan C. McLaughlin, currently the project is in post-production.


But all of that aside, I just want to make cool films and videos that people don't tune out of after 30 seconds.

-Keir "Dawson" Siewert (Owner/Operator, Breaking Point Flix)

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