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Keir, an independent director and writer, & Austin, a vagabond philosopher and actor, have very different film tastes. Each week, one or the other gets to choose a film that the duo will watch and then discuss. Keir's encyclopedic film knowledge and love for Michael Bay and Tony Scott make him a formidable opponent for Austin's pretentious art-house sensibilities. Tune in as they spar over the merits (or lackthereof) of some of cinema history's greatest films... and some others that Austin will choose merely to get a rise out of Keir.
  1. Are We All Just Playing Roles?: Holy Motors

    Episode 93 - Poster.png

    Reviews (4:03): Set it Up; (7:49): Ocean's 8; (12:54): Tag; (14:08): Legacy of a White Tail Deer Hunter; (15:57): Alex Stranglove; (17:33): Sicario 2: Soldado; (20:34): Calibre; (21:40): Hereditary; (27:11): First Reformed

    Trending Topic (33:05): ScarJo exits the movie Rub and Tug after a controversy about her playing a transgender character

    Main Segment (50:38): Holy Motors

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